Tuesday, November 22, 2005

So My Sister Says.

Olivia's been acting as weird as Mom. She told me today, "My mommy has been promising me a sister for a hundred years and even though a certain tiny boy is pretending he doesn't know what's going on, it's pretty obvious to me."

Yeah. Like her mommy wasn't my mom first. And a hundred years! Pfft.

Well, if this is true, where is this new sister? What's her true and secret name? Is she going to be another little piglet eating machine with a kangaroo in her? Is it somebody I'm going to have to train?

The original little piglet eating machine with the kangaroo in her says, "I bet my new sister will come tomorrow because it will be the start of four whole mommy days and that would be just perfect."

Well, I just think she's full of kangaroos and beans. In the meantime, I'm liking the just-big-enough new cat box.


  1. Kangaroo and beans in her. Sounds like my sister Mini. I can't wait to hear what the big mystery is, William!

  2. Oh, oh, oh, mom says she wants pictures. Of what, I don't know. Can't wait to see the end of the mystery!

  3. it sounds to me like Olivia has the inside track on information - like maybe your Mom is tellin' her stuff that she's not tellin' you??? well, whatever happens, take it like a manly tiny boy. if your Mom has enough love in her heart to welcome in another sib, then you should too!

  4. When we got Meep, I was pretty jealous at first. But Jim & the girl always say "there's more than enuff luv to go around", and ya know what? - they're right! Everything will be okay, William. Who knows, maybe you'll even like your new little sister, maybe. Hang in there, dude!

  5. Just think of a new kitty as your own Personal Chew Toy. That's how I got used to Buddah. It's a lot of trouble, but after a while it's not too bad. Even though most of the time I'd still like him to go away. Or just be quiet for ten minutes. Or bite his own butt instead of mine. You want buddah???


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