Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Oh, Brother.

Well, it's true. We have a new sister. We don't know her name yet and I was only able to be a minor troll to her because Mom whisked her into quarantine in her bathroom. She's got that thing called kennel cough, the same thing Olivia the little piglet eating machine had when she came here, and Mom doesn't want Eddie to catch it like he did when Olivia the little piglet eating machine came here. Did I mention Olivia is a little piglet eating machine? Well, she's just tickled to bits that she has a sister. Me, I don't know. Aunt M. came by to see the new one and tried to assuage me with toys and treats and I hissed. I have to do my troll's a matter of tiny boy pride.

(OK, so Mom's making me say that she hopes to have some pictures tomorrow. Pfft. I'm supposed to say too that the new one is a seal point/brown tabby mix with big blue eyes [what the heck happened there?!]. All I know is that she talks a lot. I can hear her all over my house! It's like the prince and the pea! I know she's there! How can I rest? But I am still liking the new cat box.)


  1. i knew it!!! all the signs pointed to a new sister!! try to look on the bright side - it'll be somebody you can boss around!! have a happy thanksgiving if you can - she can't meow all day!

  2. Do your troll business, because it's definitely a big brother requirement, but from my experience once they get over the pouncing stage, they're really not too bad to have around. Who knows, maybe you'll score some more treats because of her...

  3. Oh. I hope you don't get sick. I think that's why I didnt like Buddah for so long, because I got so sick when he showed up.

    Have fun with her! Little sisters are meant to be picked on, just like little brothers!

  4. Happy SMOOCHgiving,

    Photos please!

    The Cheap Tart


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