Sunday, November 27, 2005


Last night it got really really cold and windy and we got a light dusting of snow. Then this morning, Olivia and I were in our bird watching window when something happened. It was our squirrel, tapping RIGHT ON THE WINDOW! I think he was trying to tell us not to make him jump off the bird feeders when he's trying to get something to eat. I guess Mom understood, because she wound up getting him his own food so the birds could have theirs.

Then our vet called on her day off! to see how our new sister was doing. Last night she slept in Mom's bathroom with the vaporizor on, and while it kept her warm and toasty, it didn't do much for her little stuffed up nose. Since she wasn't drinking or eating today, Mom had to use a syringe just to try to keep her hydrated. So Mom put a little quilt in the troll box, bundled her into it and off they went into the cold. She's spending the night in the cat fix-it place and probably won't be home until late tomorrow night.

I bet she's all scared being there alone, especially after being so recently stuck in the shelter. The very same thing happened to Olivia, too. I think this makes me mad. Why doesn't the shelter take better care of these kids so they don't get so sick? This just isn't right. And what if their new families couldn't afford to get them well again, then what? I think I'm going to write a letter to the mayor. Or I may just give him a bite. Or I'll have OLIVIA bite him!


  1. Have Olivia bite him. Girls take care of those things better ~SHadow

    Wow a new little sis, how cool ~Ko Ko

    Bigger cat boxes are always better even if you don't really need the room. Happy new week and hope your new little sis is home and feeling better soon ~Merlin

  2. So sorry to hear that your poor little sister isn't feelin' better yet - very nice of your vet to call on her day off, tho! We know you guys & your mom are very worried 'bout her - hopefully she'll feel better when she comes home! We did enjoy your story 'bout the squirrel - wish one of our would come that close to the window, just so that we could get a better look . . .
    Buzzerbbe & meep

  3. Hope your lil' sis gets to feeling better.


  4. A similar thing happened when Tipper came to live here. She was not well and her shelter should not have let her be adopted yet. So when we got Max, Mom went to a different shelter to get him because she was upset with the first shelter and says she'll never go there again.

    Anyway, we hope the new baby'll be doing OK soon.

  5. Wow, I missed a lot while I was sleeping from turkey overdose! A new sister -- that is a big thing, William. I'm sorry she's not feeling good, though. We'll say purrayers for her to get better quick and get home to tell you her secret name.

  6. Yeah, when my mum was looking to adopt a kitty, she saw one on the shelter website. Then he was gone.

    But when she came to the shelter he was available to be adopted.back. She asked the shelter and found out that they had taken him off the adoption list while he gotted better from a cold.

    Max from Crew's Views and I are from the same shelter. They do a good job in only letting healthy animals get adopted. So Max'x mum is good to switch shelters. If our mums and dads don't adopt from bad shelters maybe they will go away.

    But since the other kitty was now healthy mum had to choose between us. I was lucky that she picked me.

    So I hope your new little one is better soon.

  7. you have a very smart squirrel, William. ours get up on the screens and chitter at us. we hope your new little sister gets better fast. kind of scary that she had to stay overnight at the cat fix it place. you all must be worried. have you even seen her yet?


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