Tuesday, October 04, 2005

All Better.

So this morning when Mom got up, the giant pigeon was still on the patio table. I'd pretty much watched over him all night. Well, maybe really only once or twice between naps. But, you know what? When it began to get light out, he hopped off the table, got a couple of seeds to eat, stretched his wings and then flew away.

I guess he enjoyed his stay at William's Bed and Breakfast. Or probably William's Table and Seedfest is more like it.


  1. maybe he just needed a resting spot - Williams table and seedfest, hahahaha. maybe his hurty wing just needed to safe place to mend for a bit. you've certainly had lots of visitors lately!

  2. I think that was very kind of you to give a birdie a place to stay for the night with seed :) Bravo William!

  3. Tangie! You left a comment!

    (I would never tease you or try to eat you!)

  4. Glad he's okay and good of you not to think about eating him!


Wowee meowee.