Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Olivia Here, The Neutral Party.

My mommy took my brother Eddie to the cat fix-it place this afternoon. I've been there–everybody is so nice and we all love our cat doctor a bunch.

Anyway, when Mommy and Eddie got home, William went mental. Mental! He started to hiss and spit and growl and whine in that really high pitch of his. He did that to me when I first joined the family. But this time, he actually charged Eddie and there was a whole huge ruckus!

Mommy got pretty mad at William for being so mean and scolded him for being such a troll. Then William hissed and growled at Mommy!

William had to have a time-out in the bathroom.

Not me, though. I didn't think Eddie was suddenly some alien cat. I knew he was my same old big brother. And we had lamb with rice for dinner, mmmmm.



  1. Yup, it was definitely the vet smell. Spot doesn't like it either. I hope William feels better now.

  2. Yeah, poor WMD . . . gotta be weird smells comin' off Eddie. Time-outs stink - one time I got one in the room with the litter box right after Meep had just skunked-it-up!

  3. Poor William. We all have bad days but his seems especially bad...

  4. hey, what do we know? maybe Wm had fun in the bathroom!!

  5. Oh Man - stuck in the bathroom? That's where we have to go when we're bad.


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