Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Eddie's Special Spa Time.

So tonight he's getting his toes done, and his coat all brushed, and his ears cleaned (which he loves! by the way) to get ready for his big day tomorrow. A trip to the cat fix-it place for a checkup!

Everybody likes him so much, the last time he went he came home wearing a little bandanna that one of the girl techs who's sweet on him gave to him. I told him I thought it looked pretty silly, but really I was a little jealous.

I never got anything like that.

Eddie in his bandanna. Posted by Picasa


  1. I like your bandana Eddie. I have one too somewhere. Aren't they great? Hi Wm. How's it going? ~Merlin

  2. Wm, i personally think cats look a little silly in bandanas (i mean dogs wear them!!)so don't feel bad you never got one


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