Tuesday, July 12, 2005

A Special Day.

Two years ago today my mom saw me for the first time ever. I wasn't such a WMD back then – I was pretty timid and really scared, too. You may remember I told you that my whole family had been left in the sweltering heat. While my mother and sister had taken shelter under a car, I made myself scarce. In fact, it was Aunt M. who told my mom that there was another little cat, a little black cat. That was me!

Anyway, the day Mom finally saw me, I was way up high in one of the trees outside her window. I was so little then, you could barely see me up there. And no, I wasn't going to come down. I thought all people were mean back then. So I waited and waited and only climbed out of the tree when no one was looking. And then promptly went back into hiding.

Well, you know the ending to that story. I'm so glad I had Aunt M. and my mom to rescue all of us and show us that not all people are mean. And you know what else? I am still one lucky, happy tiny boy!

I was such a TB back then that I
could fit under the monitor stand
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  1. Congratulations on your adoption anniversary day! May you have very many more years with your family!!

  2. Happy "My Mom Found Me up a Tree Day". Maybe she'll bring you a Tuna Sub from Subway! Wouldn't that be nice. I'd bring you some more kitty grass but your mom says lately it makes you and your sister and brother barf (and we don't want to mess up your new carpet).
    I love you lots little one.
    Aunt M

  3. Wow you were a tiny boy. Happy Adoption Day to you Wm. ~Merlin, Ko Ko, Shadow, and the Rodentia

  4. I'm so glad your Mommy got her little boy out of the tree -- you've absolutely made her life all better.

  5. Oh what a wonderful memory. Isn't it a wonderful thing to find love?

  6. Jasper said it all. The part about finding love goes both ways. -Scooby & Shaggy

  7. Wow William! Happy 'doption Day! It's good to know us "street" kitties have forever homes isn't it? My past is so horrible that I refuse to tell anyone about it...including Mommy. All she knows is that I have a scar from a bite on my ear...

    May you have many more 'doption days in the future my dear online friend :)


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