Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Mom went to PetsMart tonight but I didn't go. I'm not as brave as Timmy although it sure looks like he always has fun. I even have a harness but I don't like it and I think it's only for emergencies, like if Mothra or the Crab Monster come and ring our doorbell or something and we all have to go hide. Secretly I think Mom's worried that if I went I'd want all the cat furniture and toys they have. It's probably true! But what if instead I got lost in that great big place and she couldn't find me? It's too terrible to think about!

OK, phew, I'm calm. Anyway, when she got home she told me that the AHA adoption area inside had all black cats and tuxedo cats. (She said she just looked.) But Beau was right! He told me awhile back about all the black and tuxedo kittens out there who are in desperate need of homes. So tell your moms and dads that all their catless friends need to help right away. Maybe they'll open their homes to one or two...or a whole bunch! Besides, think of how happy all those people will be when they have cats to take care of them. I know my mom is happy times three!


  1. Im the proud mommy of two all black girl (sisters) cats that were adopted from a rescue center. I love my girls more then some of the humans I know......

  2. Hi johiel,

    I like you already! And I think my mom feels the same way about us, too. :-)

  3. Thanks William! I don't get to go inside PetSmart either, although one cool day mom took me but made me stay in the truck! She says I don't socialize well with many humns.

  4. Digby likes being an only child so much that I think we'll keep it that way. He is so much happier than before his brother, Tigger, crossed the Rainbow Bridge. 10 years and they never did like each other. Digby is black with a silver under coat. I think he's wonderful and so does he!


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