Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Treat City.

Today where Mom hunts she found some things she knew we'd like. She said these came out of a big, big box and she thought of us right away. My mom is so good to us!

Cardboard! Posted by Hello

Bite, bite, bite. Posted by Hello

So much fun! Posted by Hello

I got quite a lot done. Posted by Hello

But know what's even better than new cardboard? We have four Mom days coming up instead of the usual two! Mom says we should be getting our carpet tomorrow. I sure hope so. I'll be able to talk her into napping on the new stuff with me just as soon as I get some of it down!


  1. Oh Man! Awesome teethiwork on the cardboard William! Definately living up to your name ;) I can't wait to see the new carpet! We got new carpet last year and I loves it. It's nice and soft under my paws.

  2. Cardboard is one of the greatest inventions ever. You did a good job chewing it. We're sure your Mom will lay down with you on the new carpet. ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko

  3. Chewing cardboard is my most favorite activity next to purring on Mom's head. Maybe we could open William & Puff's Cardboard Demolition business!

  4. I love eating cardboard also. Boy, wish I had one of those over here!

  5. Let's do it, Puff! Think of all the toys we could buy!

  6. My Mommy fell over laughing at your tiny bits of handiwork all of the floor!!


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