Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Are We Done Yet?

Sometimes my mom is so slow! I had to spend another evening supervising while she did this "grout" thing. It might be tolerable if there were at least a little space where I could leave a paw print, but as big as some of these spaces are, they aren't big enough to accommodate a tiny boy's footie.

Why didn't she think of this and lay it out right?

[Cat noise!]


  1. Grout???? sounds yummy... ~ Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko and the Rodentia

  2. Is that related to the trout? If so, send some my way!

  3. Mewwww???? WHere are you Wm ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko

  4. My mom kept us busy for days! It will take me ages to catch up. She said for me to say thank you for wondering about me. (I just have to learn how to turn on the computer by myself!)


Wowee meowee.