Wednesday, June 22, 2005

But Mom–!

There was a fly, you see. I had to get it, no matter what.

Uh oh. Posted by Hello

Mom was very cross with me. I'd jumped up and clung onto the curtains long enough to bend the rod and make it come apart. (Well, I may be a tiny boy but I'm 11 pounds of WMD.) I fell off but I didn't think she wanted to hear that.

And I didn't even get the fly.

At least I didn't pull the brackets out of the wall this time.

I know it's still there somewhere! Posted by Hello


  1. You're lucky, William. My mom yells when I even touch the blinds. Just because I broke the ends off of six of them, she gets all huffy. I have to see outside, after all. It is part of my job to make sure no one gets within hissing distance of our apartment.

  2. Your Mom should be grateful that you are protecting her from the flies. We have brought the blinds down before at our house too. Didn't get yelled at but it did scare us. Hope you get the fly. We have some here if you run out and want to come chase them with us!

  3. And that's why you are called William of Mass Destruction we bet. :) Just bein' a poodie ~Merlin, SHadow, Ko KO


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