Sunday, May 15, 2005

We're Beat!

This weekend has been so exciting! Friday Mom was home, so that was pretty fun. Then we heard some of that terrible buzzing like we heard months ago, only this time it was not across the street but right in our yard! Once I got Olivia all calmed down I got in the window and supervised. Mom was having the dead tree removed so it wouldn't fall in the street with all the wind we get and hurt someone.

I also made sure the tree people took away all the yard debris Mom had been piling up in the side yard and the old railroad ties, too. Then I watched as Mom finished the rock garden out front and planted some seeds in the back. Those are supposed to grow into lots of flowers that attract birds and butterflies. I can't wait!

Then, of course, I had all my normal duties, too: helping her relax, helping her read a book, helping her do laundry, helping her put away the groceries, helping her nap, helping her clean the house. And playing with Olivia and watching the bird feeders between all that!

Boy, do I need to sleep!


  1. Hello Wm. Isn't being a good poodie exhausting? I know when we help out, everyone is enhausted here, even the 'beans. But share the love ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko

    PS Ko Ko ate the gecko too besides stalking the vermin. I think he is in trouble.

  2. What a day for you!! You most definitely deserve a nap.


Wowee meowee.