Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Some Cats.

Olivia the little piglet eating machine tried to eat a rubber band tonight, even though I told her not to do it. Mom just sighed and took it away from her. I rolled my eyes, too. Little sisters, I thought. Sometimes they just get completely out of control no matter what you try to teach them.


  1. Same with little brudders...(eye roll towards Ko Ko) ~Merlin

  2. Bucky Kat did that a coupla weeks ago in the Get Fuzzy cartoon - you should show Olivia 'cause Bucky had ta go ta the vet and everything. Nice job watchin' out for her, William!


  3. My fluffies will eat anything as well. I try to keep them away from the electrical codes but Fiona found one last night and my water dish stopped working.

  4. Buzzerbee, I so know! Only Olivia didn't see it because only Mom and I read the funnies.

    Diva Kitty, thanks for visiting! You have a cool site that I'll have to add to my list!


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