Wednesday, May 18, 2005


A gigantic moth the size of me tried to kill my mom this morning. Apparently it was planning to hijack the car and do whatever it is gigantic moths do when presented with wheels. Naturally, this gigantic moth lunged at my mom's throat and caused her to yell repeatedly and swerve into another lane. Happily, Mom goes hunting so early that there weren't many other hunters out there that she could have run in to trying to save herself from the gigantic moth. Also happily, the gigantic moth either flew out the window or hid in the dashboard or really just hitched a ride in her hair for the day. I will never know.

I will also never know why she just didn't eat the thing. I would have! Because really, A GIGANTIC MOTH. I love to eat exotic things.

Why, I ate a Q-tip™ just this morning. That was pretty exotic! It's very unusual that I even found it since Mom hides them out of my reach. I wouldn't tell her were the cottony ends were, but between you and me? I ATE THEM. So light and fluffy, better than tough and chewy rubber bands any day of the week. Watch and learn, Olivia!

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Nope, I found it,
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  1. You have the Q-Tip moster at your house as well? I love to play with the Q-Tip moster for a while, then I nosh on him.

  2. Over here we like to eat straws, rubber bands, and hair bands. We have never gotten our paws on a Q-tip. We will have to keep our eyes out for some of those.


  3. We like to try everything. Sometimes it gets into trouble. Eating rubber bands is no fun. Makes tummy hurt! Our Mom said you were quite handsome William.

  4. We hate Q-tips - Jim and the girl use them to clean-out our ears and then put icky-sticky drops in, so if I could find where she keeps 'em, I'd destroy 'em!


  5. Over here we eat plastic bags whenever possible. Mom is always running around taking away any little piece of plastic bag that we find. She says it will make us sick. They are so fun they way they crinkle though. *sigh*
    ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko

    PS We have to check out and see what a Q-Tip is.

  6. oh my gosh, I'm glad your Mommy is ok! I wonder what the moth wrote in their blog when they got home!

    I've never tried a Q-tip...I'm intrigued.

  7. My mom says maybe that was Mothra in your mom's car!


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