Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Cold, Rain, and Hail, But No Cat Toys.

My mom told me to stop thinking I can control stuff.

I don't know why, because obviously I can. She didn't have to mow the weeds after hunting because of the weather. That was good for us. And we got to watch our snail family come out from under the front bushes for a drink of water. That was fun.

Maybe it was the million cat toys I was going to wish for. She says we have enough cat toys already. How can that possibly be, I wonder. She says if I had a million cat toys, we'd have to move again to a bigger place just to have space to put all of them. Eeek! I hate hate hate moving.

So maybe I'll let the whole toy thing go. Maybe I'll just think of something else.


  1. Well, maybe you can get your wish if she is worried about the house filling up with cat toys. Hmm. We hate moving too ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko

  2. I say if she gets a toy - you get a toy. Meow.


Wowee meowee.