Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Trick Staring.

So tonight I was just sitting and staring at my favorite basket. Then I got in and out of it, over and over. Then I stared at it a little more.

Mom finally got curious. She got down real little like me and watched the basket with me. I'm pretty sure it was a bug I saw, but we couldn't find it. She tipped the basket over and nothing came out. We looked all around, but nothing. Mom even got out the flashlight to see if we could see something that way. But nothing!

I guess could've eaten it and just forgotten, since that sometimes happens. Or, it could be that I just wanted to have Mom close by so I could purr and cuddle on her.


  1. It's always good when our Mommies take an interest in what we do. That is why poodie Mommies are the best. The buggie probably got away. ~Merlin and Shadow and Ko Ko

  2. Maybe your Mommy ate the buggie when you weren't looking?



Wowee meowee.