Sunday, March 06, 2005

My Very Own Room.

Well, you'd never know it, but I have a room of my own, just like Eddie does and Mom does. Only I got to use mine only about three months before it was appropriated by Olivia when she first came to live with us, originally because she had to acclimate and then because she was recuperating. And then after that, Mom moved all the stuff that had been piling up in the den into my room and moved all my stuff (like my black ninja futon!) into the den. My room then became the room we were not allowed in without supervision.

But this weekend, Mom finally got the floor in that room done–the last one! And she got all these storage things that she had to put together (I helped) and began the last of the organization. It's quite neat now! We're not allowed in it all the time yet because she's not quite finished, but we got to go into it today and I can't wait till the door is open all the time and I can finally hang out in there again. I think Mom's happy that the major repairs and renovations to the inside of our house are now pretty much done. Of course, so am I–it means longer naps with her on the weekends!


  1. Wow, your own room, we're jealous ~ Merlin and Shadow

  2. It was the only way Eddie and I would agree to her spending so much of the Cat Trust!

  3. My sisters have their own room with a big ol queen size bed in it and food and water and a litterbox. I hardly ever go in there. I want my own room!



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