Thursday, January 27, 2005

One Of My Very Favorite Treats.

Because I've been such a good tiny boy for the last couple of days and because my mom loves me so much, I got a very special treat tonight. Real baby food–turkey rice!

Course, we're the only babies here. Mom got a bunch of this food in little jars when everybody but me had the sneezies. Neither Eddie nor Olivia liked it very much, but I thought it was the best thing since paper towels! My real favorite is ham and gravy, but just about any flavor will do. As long as it doesn't have any vegetables in it, of course. Unless it's cat grass. Mmmmm...turkey rice and cat grass! Ham and gravy and cat grass! MMMM! Mom! Mom! Mom! I want some!


  1. We LOVE the food that comes in those little jars. They have wonderful flavors. ~Salsa, Nic, Pip, Fig

  2. This schtuff sounds nummy! I should maybe ask my Mommy to get me some? My favorite treat is a piece of turkey from the deli. I get a piece from Gramma a'cause she's what Mommy calls the "sucker" (I think that means she's the one that's supposed to feed me nummies from the table).


Wowee meowee.