Thursday, January 06, 2005

My List.

I got to thinking that I was probably the only cat in the whole universe who didn't have a 2004 list. Here are the really big cat-changing things that happened last year.

We bought a house (June)
Blah blah blah moving–EEK.

We got a new sister (October)
That would be Olivia. She came from the shelter. Right away, though, she began suffering from an upper respiratory infection that left her dehydrated and running a fever. Mom took her to the cat repair place and she was there for days.

Even though she was kept away from us from the time of her arrival, Eddie caught a cold from her. He couldn't breathe, his nose got so stuffed up! He sneezed and wheezed and Mom was worried about him, too. Then HE had to go to the cat repair place! Not me, though. I was as healthy as a–well, a William of Mass Destruction!

After everybody was back home, I began a routine I was able to do for days. With Eddie staying with Mom at night so he could continue to recuperate in peace and Olivia back from the hospital but still quarantined in her own room so she could continue to recuperate in peace, I would sit outside Mom's door and cry beginning at about 3:00 a.m. That would wake Olivia up and she would start to cry at her door, and then I would have to answer back in my extraordinarily high-pitched there's-a-cat-in-my-yard troll squeal for which I am particularly well known. Mom had to yell at us to be quiet, and we'd stop for a little while–then I'd do the whole thing over again and again. I guess she didn't get all that much sleep with that racket going on, but it sure was fun squealing at the top of my lungs!

Olivia feeling better. Posted by Hello

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  1. William of Mass Destruction is an inspiration. There needs to be more cat blogs. We are going to talk to our Mom about setting us up one. We are also happy that Olivia is feeling better.

    Merlin and Shadow-Poi Cats from Hawaii


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