Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Last night we had something Mom called sleet and it made a whole bunch of noise at the windows. This scared us! We all wanted to hide under something but we could hear it everywhere, so we stuck close to Mom.

All of that finally stopped but it was cold and windy all day. No birds again! Right now I'm dying to get back to my basket near the heat register to get warm. Also, Mom's trying to get to the human repair place tomorrow for an ear infection she got from the cold she's had for the last four weeks, and doesn't want me at the computer too long so she can get to sleep. Why can't she do that during the day, like me? I'm so glad I never get sick. So far this season I'm the only one who hasn't! (I'm pretty sure it's because I'm a very special boy.) So I'll have to pause now on my adventures...paws–get it?

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