Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Uh Oh.

Somebody, it seems, got a little jealous over somebody else's pet.

What did you do? Posted by Picasa

Mom! Caroline broke my pet! Posted by Picasa


  1. Uh oh, a broken pet, maybe you should put the other one outside like Wm little pink flamingo so it won't get broken. ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko

  2. Oh no! I hear Dr. T-A-P-E can fix broken pets right up! Try giving him a call.

  3. Jealousy, thy name is Caroline!

    That stinks, Squilliam! Just when you get a pet to call your very own, she goes and tries to ruin it.

    What sort of revenge are you planning, Willim of Mass Destruction?

  4. Kukka, I can actually do very little to Caroline. She's built like a little sheep and bites off a great deal of my fur when "playing," no matter how many times Mom tells her not to bite off my fur. Yes, Caroline looks like a little doll but really she can be quite petty. And Mom always gives in to that innocent blue-eyed "who, me?" blink.

  5. Oh no, Poor William! I would make her buy you a new pet. - Sammy

  6. Oh no! Broke pet is sad. My Mom says that somethin called "Duco Cement" is great for fixin up ceramic chicken pets. Maybe your Mom can try that? I hope your pet's ok.

  7. Let's not jump to conclusions, AGAIN....innocent until proven guilty.

    Mittens does the same thing.....she has the innocent look alla time, she is such a fake! She bats at me and then runs, so I run after her....who gets yelled at? You got it.....me!!

    Patches Lady


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