Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Incited To Riot.

So Mom glued Olivia's pet chicken back together and everything was good. Then I read the comments about the whole incident and something happened. Luckily Mom came home for lunch.

"Psst...Mom's home." Posted by Picasa

So down the hallway Mom comes, intent on replacing a carpet square that I'd gotten stuck on my footie by mistake. Then she stopped suddenly at the bathroom. "William, what––?" Then: "Caroline? What are you doing there? William? This has your pawprints all over it."

And I said, "Really, I was only trying to teach Caroline a lesson about being careful with Olivia's pet. I don't know what happened but suddenly it all went terribly awry. Really, I didn't mean it. She just got stuck and I couldn't get her out."

"Mommy? I'm stuck." Posted by Picasa

"Caroline, how did you get in there?" Mom wanted to know. "William, how on earth did you get that child-proof latch undone?"

Then Caroline cried, "Mommy! William tricked me by telling me there was a toy in here so I went in and then the door shut and I couldn't get out and see how I tried real hard? I've been in here for days and had to pull in the rug just so I could be comforted till you got home because I didn't know if you ever would. And dumb William couldn't get the door open again."

Retextured by Caroline. Posted by Picasa

"Hmm," Mom said, frowning, but she checked the big crybaby Caroline and put her down after determining all was well. "William. I don't know how you got that latch open when I can barely do it myself. Now I have to put a bungee cord on this. I'm getting a little tired of having to put bungee cords on every cupboard in the house. The whole house is nothing but bungee cords, tiny boy." She crinkled up her face real hard at me.

"I blame Kukka," I said and blinked innocently like Caroline does and gets away with. "She got me all wound up and I had to do something."


  1. Oh no! She should have known better right William?!?!

  2. Wow. I see how you are. You get in trouble and TAKE ME DOWN WITH YOU?

    Truly a bad boy...I love it!

    I just hope my mom doesn't read this and learn of my bad influence on you!

  3. How could you blame Kukka Maria? Now she could get in trouble too. It's always best to just sit and look innocent...

  4. Well Kukka first it's Nicole and the flower kitty, next it's the Candanians authorities after you and now WMD is blaming you for coaxing his sisfur into someplace she shouldn't be...can an Empress ever win?

    Oh WMD... the shame!

  5. Whew, I'm glad I don't have a big brother to trick me into things. I get into enough trouble on my own.

  6. William, I don't blame you one bit for putting it all on Kukka. I would have done the same thing. In fact, I have done it - only with Isis.

    Isn't that why God made girl kitties? To take the fall for us boys?

  7. A tiny boy like you is good at looking works like a charm.....sweet and innocent. That is what I do; all the while blaming and picking on Mittens.

    Patches Lady

  8. William - you sure cause lotsa trouble for your Mom, even tho you're a very tiny boy. how did you get that latch undone? you have very talented paws i think.

  9. :::heh:::

    I'm not sure I'd want to tick kukka off. I think she can beat most of us up...

  10. but all the trouble is oh so worth it for your tiny boy, isn't it, Wm's Mom? ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko

  11. Dude,
    I so understand. The Kukka has a way of doing that to a guy...
    ~ moose

  12. An adorable pic of the silver grey kitten! We used to have a feisty grey cat from my sister's barn, we called Nimbus after those violent storm clouds!!! She lived up to her name!


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