Monday, May 15, 2006

Clean Up.

Whole lotta branches goin' on. Posted by Picasa

So this is most of the mess from the storm last week and last night. I cheered Mom on to get it ready for that giant blue truck that drives by every early Tuesday morning and makes a whole lot of scary noise that we all don't like. We get to put out yard waste for special pickup only two times in the spring and this is the second week already, so I guess the timing is pretty good. Mom got it all done, tying the really big branches with some jute string (my favorite non-toy toy!) and getting the rest in bags. I watched from the den window, concentrated real hard and sent her some powerful tiny boy energy to help her out.

Then when she was all done, Mom showed me something really special she got just for me. I have a new pet, kinda like Olivia's pet. But mine lives outside in the Russian sage. And is much cuter, I think.

A tiny pink flamingo for a tiny boy! Thanks, Mom! Posted by Picasa


  1. what a cute tiny pink flamingo! he'll be good company for you out there - he can reflect in the gazin' ball and you can have squillions of pink flamingos!!

  2. Seems like everycat is getting a special friend. I must petition Momma and see what she says.

    Mittens Pollypaws

  3. Wow! I like Edsel's thought about squillions of flamingos in the gazing ball!

    Sort of reminds me of Moose's experience with flamingos...only your flamingo seems far less invasive.

    Cute, Squilliam!

  4. Wow. That's a lot of branches. Mommy would love to burn those in her patio fireplace. I likes the flamingo! - Sammy

  5. We want a flamingo or a Vir-ginger or some kind of friend for outside too! All's we have is a stoopid pot of flowers! They don't talk!

  6. Hehe. Maybe I should have the Mom get a pink flamingo for the Brats. I can see them going nuts trying to get at it through the window.

    P.S. Can you come to my site and help me and the Mom decide what's she's going to paint on her mortar board for graduation? Thanks!

  7. This is excellent, Wm! Now you have your own flamingo, like Derby has his Vir-ginger, to tell you what's going on outside. Have you picked out a name yet?


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