Tuesday, August 09, 2022

So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish.

We decided: Time to put this thing to rest. Nothing wrong, no big deal — we're just cats planning to do other cat stuff now.


  1. Dang, that's very sad, we're really gonna be missing you!

  2. Oh no, we will miss you. We really feel bad because we just recently found you again.

  3. Oh no! I’m sorry to hear this. I’ll miss you guys. ~Ernie

  4. I will miss you. I hope you still post sometime.

  5. We didn't know you, but we did see you around now and then, we sure hope all's well, and that maybe you'll give a heads up now and then. We do know a lot of friends will surely miss you.

  6. Well, that's a bummer! I am going to miss seeing you two. :-(

  7. I am sorry to hear this. William was one of the boys very first friends. You will be very much missed. Maybe pop in now and again to say hello and let everyone know you are all okay.

  8. OhMyCats ~ we didn't visit often (or often enough) and we're
    not one to comment much, but enjoyed pawing in-and-out over the years. Whatever lies ahead, enjoy, may it be the best for all and as E and F said above, swish your tails from time to time and Meow at us all, OK? OK!

  9. We will miss you. We didn't comment much but we really enjoyed your blog. We hope you will give an occasional update, we don't blog nearly as much as we used to, so we understand needing a break. Take care and enjoy your life.

  10. Oh noes!!!!!!!! We understand, but will miss seeing you two.
    Maybe pop in once in a while. In the meantime...have a pawsome life!!!!! You will be missed.
    Purrs, Julie and the mum

  11. doodz…..we hope thiz commint iz seen, most oh de time they
    shoot inta space. thanx two mew all for yur friendship over de yeerz, we iz happee we R friendz and we will ree mane sew,
    N while we will mizz yur posts, we can still sneek over with sum cardz hay! be happee bee healthee N ❤️❤️❤️ all wayz

  12. You'll be missed, yet we understand.
    Please keep us informed of your new cat adventures.
    Hugs and purrs.

  13. I'm without a kitty of my own at the moment (I'm trying to catch up on all the traveling I didn't do before I retired) so I've substituted reading cat blogs for that big hole in my life. I confess I'm a reader and not a commenter but I have enjoyed you boys. Please consider dropping in occasionally to say hello. Hugs and ear scritches,

  14. Well...we will certainly miss you. But we can't tell you any more than that, because it is up to you.We are glad Ivan and Izzy and you all are ok, and we hope they continue to be (all our cats are older too). Maybe you could just drop in once in awhoile "Cats With Blogs" is a page on Facebook) and just keep in touch a once in a while. Purrayers and POTP and "42"

  15. The Mews... We are so sorry to be so late reading this! But we unnerstand. As there are beginnings, there are also endings. Things wear out (like our mousie toys) and all that. Sometimes we are tired too.

    TBT: I get the fish reference. Keep a towel handy at all times, 42, and all that. I will miss you.

    Sometimes, it is one cat that inspires the writing. I've been lucky about that. I started with 2 elderly cats, but new ones came along who encouraged me to keep going. And they give me an outlet for creative writing (average as it is).

    But when you decide a thing has come to its natural end, that is the time to stop.

    I will probably remember William Of Mass Destruction the rest of my life; he was unique. But like Max The Psychokitty, Sparkle, Spitty The Kitty, and Eric&Flynn, an end comes.

    Thank you (and WMD) for all the wonderful posts through the years...

  16. If this duplicates, I apologize. Comments are tricky these days.

    Mark of Mark's Mews here: I will miss you but I understand that sometimes people have to just stop one thing to move on to another.

    I sometimes wonder about that myself. I suppose I am lucky that I started my cat blog with 2 elderly cats. Blogging was new to me and there were new cats to write about. That kept me going. The "new" is 15 years old now. Her sister departed at 12. I'm glad for the newer "new". They are different and it keeps me engaged.

    I miss William. I will always think of your blog as about him. But I understand that things come to an end.

    I've seen Max The Psycholity go. Sparkle go, Eric&Flynn go, too many others... I suppose I am lucky that I started me blog with two elderly cats. I was just getting into blogging when they departed and new ones came into my life from different directions. It kept my posts going.

    And the new ones are getting old now. Ayla was new then and is 15 now. Iza was new then but left me too early. Marley is getting "old" at 12.

    But Laz is only 5 and Lori is just 1. And they love each other (and me) so much that I can't stop now.

    But I want to mostly thank you for all the posts through the years. Reading them gladdened my life. Whatever you do for the rest of your life, remember that you made many readers happy...



  17. Not sure you saw it, but Mark was trying to comment. His message to you is here: https://marksmews.blogspot.com/2022/08/not-easy-like-sunday.html

  18. We'lll miss you, we hope you'll pop up here and there to let us know you're OK. Purrs

  19. I haven't visited in ages but you will be missed. Mum says she amembers the way back when William started all of this. With Derby and others.

  20. Coming to this so late. So sorry to see you go. You have been a part if my internet memories going back the William, Russell, Caroline, Olivia et al. You gave provided me with quiet pleasures. I wish you all well including your loving, wonderful Mom.


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