Thursday, September 19, 2019

Lessons From The Master.

My brothers need to stop complaining about having their pictures taken or "starving" (as if!). They need to learn to do what I do—sleep through it!

Works like a charm.


  1. Elliott, you are a wise kitty. At my age, I no longer care about pictures, but then I can not see very well. MOL!
    I often will sleep through anything too ;)
    Also, there is no cat starving here though Julie will try to convince you that she is :/
    So good to see you taking things in stride.That's what I do too.Georgia is pretty good.She just wants scritches.
    Happy weekend Elliott.
    Purrs JJ

  2. Oh I agree, I've gotten good at sleeping through it too!

  3. I'm always up and ready to pose when there's a camera around. Maybe that's not proper cat behavior.

  4. You have the art of sleeping through it perfected, Elliott.

  5. My heart just pitter pattered a bit harder looking at your sleek self!

  6. The housekeeper wishes she could sleep through half the stuff she has to put up with (but thankfully, that doesn't include me!) - Tomx

  7. "Sleep Through It"- kinda sounds like a great motivational quote, doesn't it? Works for me...


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