Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Celebrating William,With Ivan.

We are celebrating our bro William (04/23/03 - 04/28/16) this week with some of our favorite photos of us and his old brothers and sisters. We hope you enjoy this look back with us.

William and me, 2014

William and PQ (Gracie), 2009


  1. Wonderful memories of dear William (and Gracie too)
    William was(is) the same age as Georgia.
    We miss him too.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  2. I love these memories. I never knew Gracie, she was gone before I was born.

  3. Ooh, Angel Gracie too, soaking up the sun! Ivan, your were just a wee kitten when your big brother Angel William watched over you from the back of the couch.

  4. Great memories. We like how William got along with everybuddy.

  5. Thank God for photos to bring back wonderful memories. XO

  6. I so enjoy seeing these photos. I agree with photos...thank goodness we have them so we may enjoy seeing our fur sibs after they have gone on. Gracie, I remember you. xxx William, I certainly remember you. XOX


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