Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Live, From Kazakhstan.

Guess what my mom and I did last night? We watched live streaming video of the return to earth of Astronaut Scott Kelly, Flight Engineer Mikhail Kornienko and Commander Sergey Volkov. It was fun! Mom said it reminded her of when space travel used to be a Really Big Deal and she and her classmates would gather in the elementary school auditorium to watch various space mission launches on a black and white TV. (Well, she is quite old.)

I was just glad I didn't have to get all screamy over the results of Stoopy Tuesday. I mean, I have brothers for that!


  1. Mum stayed up really late to watch the landing too.
    She loves space missions and stuff.
    She was disappointed that she did not see any video.
    She watched it tonight ;) She is pretty old too. She remembers Neil Armstrong!
    Good to hear you did not have to get screamy.
    You do have your brothers and can scream at them anytime ;)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  2. Yeah, our mom remembers when it was a big deal, too.

  3. OMC Me's posed to watch sumfin' like dat fur Cat Scouts. Mommy isn't lookin' furward to it cuz it's always really early in da meownin'. MOL glad you didn't have to get all screamy and such.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  4. Mum says she remembers all that space stuff. She would get up early to watch the launch, or stay up late for stuff.

  5. Uh...I remember doing that too. Sad that space travel has lost its luster. It really is amazing...we are just harder to impress nowadays.

  6. That must have been exciting. I only saw a small video clip of astronaut Kelly coming out of the landing craft.

  7. We didn't watch the astronaut human... in good part because my human didn't know it was being televised! She's not too good when it comes to the TV.

  8. Darling girl, The Human wants to tell your Mom that in 1970 she was a sophomore in college living in the dorms when everything went to sh*t for Apollo 13. Hardly anyone in the dorms had a TV so a whole bunch of kids were in the big lounge area waiting and biting their nails when it was time for them to land and all those kids squeed hard in joy when those guys gotted back to earth. Now that she's real old it almost makes her a little leaky to think about. She is always still very happy to hear when astronauts & cosmonauts & whatever-nauts make it back okay! Me,eh. I think we kittehs are too smart to seal ourselfs up in tin cans and blast out to Bast only knows where. XOXOXO

  9. We're with SPitty on this one: no cat would be so crazy to go to space for no reason. I mean - they don't even get good food there, so what's the fuzz about?

    On the other hand ... I COULD imagine that Tessa would be stuoid enough to climb into one of those tin cans.

  10. Caroline, I must be as old as your mom because I recall those black-and-white TV days, watching Apollo blast offs and moon missions. We used to drink Tang and eat Space Food Sticks too, and every time I drive down I75 in Ohio, I stop at the Armstrong Air and Space Museum!

  11. caroline....knot onlee did de food serviss gurl see de moon landin...

    her waz ... day de wheel waz invented ! ☺

  12. The mom wanted to watch that...and forgot! It must have been really cool to see.

  13. I am surprised my husband didn't watch that- he loves space.


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