Monday, August 10, 2015

Two-For-One Monday.

Ivan: It's fun having a bro I can put my feet all over while I nap.
Izzy: It's fun having a bro I can have my belleh out with without fearing a nip.


  1. You two bros are mighty cute.
    So nice you get along so well without fear :)
    Guess that rules out Caroline cuddles huh?
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  2. Ivan, dude, we could barely see you! We thought you was a pillow! Actually you do seem to be.... it's a sweet pic of both of you.

  3. Izzy, Please remember: Screamoline will tear a chunk right outta that tum if she's feeling peckish. Best keep one eye open.

    Sorry, LCG, but I gotta be honest.

  4. It's great to have a brother you can feel safe and comfy with.

  5. OMC, what a cute photo! We never cuddle, so the head peep must melted when she saw that.

  6. You two just make my mommy smile and smile and smile some more. KISSES, she just said.

  7. You two are so adorable our human almost can't stand it. :-)

    Thanks for stopping by with good wishes for Nicki...we'll get it sorted out one way or another...eventually. Too much mucking-about with our natural diets, our biped says.

  8. Great napping system that obviously works so well for you two.

    Emma and Buster

  9. doodz....

    itz fun havin a brother whooz kewl with what de other brother iz doin ...round heer therz a sisturr that......well...eye will just leeve it at that... N say happee trout twooz day ~~~~~

    butter lover boomer o cat ♥♥


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