Thursday, April 02, 2015

Thursday Wrap-Up.

So, is my sister a drama queen or what? About the only thing we ever plot is how to get dinner earlier! Nobody played any tricks on anyone, not even Ivan, who did eye my tail with a little too much interest.

(Do you see his little round feet? My mom fawns over them all the time. She says they remind her of Hoodsie Cup spoons, although I think you'd have to be of a certain era and a New Englander to get that.)

Have a fun weekend, everyone! And if the bunny visits your house, I hope you get a lot of treats!


  1. We had to Google Hoodsie Cups to find out what you meant, but we agree that Ivan has adorable paws!

    1. They stopped including the little wooden spoons eons ago. :-(

  2. You are very cute.
    My first cat ever was an all black Siamese boy named Satchmo. I love black cats. I have one now named Big Al.

  3. We purr all Ivan did was eye your tail ;) heehee
    Mom Googled Hoodsie spoons too. She remembers them but not by that name. In Canada, they were just spoons that came with the little single serve ice cream tubs from local makers. Those she does remember.
    Yup, Mom is from an era ;)
    Purrs you get treats too.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  4. Mommy is old enough to know about those spoons! And she DOES see the resemblance...

  5. A bunny (costume) ALREADY visited our house! And probably will again for next year's Easter cards. :-/

  6. My mum had to google Hoodsie Cup spoons too. She remembers them from the little tubs of ice cream she used to buy at the cinema. Virgin Atlantic serves complimentary tubs on their daytime flights, but the spoons are plastic now but still nearly the same shape.
    Ivan does have cute little feet.

  7. Ivan resista a tentação...
    Tenham uma ótima Páscoa!

  8. What a cute picture! We hope y'all have a wonderful Easter weekend.

  9. The mom remembers getting ice cream with spoons like that, but they were never called Hoodsie Cups where she's from in the midwest.

  10. Ivan, you have adorable little "paddle paws".

  11. Mebbe having her worry about the April Fools joke WAS the joke?

  12. Like the Island Cats, my Human a-members those spoons too, but not "Hoodsie cups"--the came with Carnation frzoen malted milk ice cream cups -- and probably other kinds too.

    We think Ivna's pawsies are even cuter than those spoons!

  13. Our mom remembers those spoons. But Ivan's paws remind her of Louie's paws, which she smooches whenever she can.


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