Monday, January 19, 2015

WMD Anniversary Flashback, Part Four.

On this holiday, a celebration of another. This is from Monday, February 18, 2008. Oh, and what you see was an actual gift just for me!

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Day Off.

We had a mom day today because of Presidents Day. We all napped again during the afternoon, but I think it was really because Mom wanted to have Caroline close to her. Caroline's chin seems to be quite tender today and she won't let Mom put warm compresses on it like Dr. S. recommended. (And no, Dr. S. couldn't find any evidence that someone's little brother had poked her to cause the problem.) Another fun thing: Mom gave Caroline some chicken baby food as a treat and I got some too! Then I played a little with my TP. So really it was a pretty good day.

Taking a break.


  1. Mum keeps those white rolls all locked up on me!

  2. What a fun gift, William! I think I'd like a toy like that.

  3. MOL MOL! Now that there are four of you Mancats, we wonder if the TP rolls are kept out of reach.

  4. Your Mom is the coolest EVER! I never knew a kitty who gotted a ROLL OF TP all to himself just because. Poor little Screamoline! What was wrong with her chinny-chin-chin???

  5. Gee! Your very own TP!
    Purrs for Caroline's chin.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  6. You got your very own TP? My mum used to take mine away from me.

  7. WOW! Your own TP? That is just the bomb for a great present! Has Caroline had a problem for several days? Does your mommy give you guys any L-Lysine? Does the Vet think Caroline has a spot of feline acne? Can she apply a lit of peroxide of the Vet agrees?

  8. William, did you do somefing to Caroline way back when? What a cutie scoundrel you were...and are! Like the other comments above, I'll bet have a TP roll all to yourself is a sorry thing of the past since you brofurs came along.

  9. Now that is a work of art. We are most impressed with your mad skillz.


Wowee meowee.