Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Caroline's Day.

It's me, Caroline!

And I thought every day was Hug Your Cat Day.

If it isn't, it should be!


  1. No! No hugging here, please! I want DON'T Hug Your Cat Day!

  2. Too true, Caroline...every day is the perfect day to hug!

  3. Yes,yes,yes!
    We love hugs :)
    Especially Georgia and Julie ;)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  4. Oh Caroline, you are so pretty sitting there. SMOOCH.

  5. We do get hugs most every day too. Guess they just wanted to be sure cats who have mum's and dad's that don't hug them, managed to do so at least once.

  6. I agree. Every day is hug your cat day in my house. Could you imagine your human having to go a day without a kitty hug?! And I enjoy it too!

  7. Darling, darling--My Human has been so EXTREMELY neglectful, yes, I mean it--even more than usual, believe it or not--that I did not even *KNOW* that this was hug your cat day. In fact, when she picked me up tonight to hug me, I squirmed like a crazy cat to get away and she felt kind of bad that I was punishing her. Heh,

    I would like to come give YOU a hug, though, my darling LCG XOXO

  8. Hehehe, Buster got hugged for a long time, Emma hid. Like Sparkle, Emma DOESN'T WANT anything to do with hugging.

    Emma and buster

  9. We never would have guessed that you're the huggy type, Caroline!

  10. So right Caroline! It is hug your babies (all of us) day here everyday!


Wowee meowee.