Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Elliott On Tuesday.

So, you think you're confused with our photos? Our own mom sometimes can't tell us apart!

My solution? Put our names on our photos! See?

Oh, and yesterday that really was William. He'll get his name on his photos now, too. The trouble will be when we both show up in a photo! If our tails aren't visible, you won't be able to tell who's who.

You'll still be able to identify Hissoline, of course. Who still does not like me.


  1. You know what, Elliott? I think I CAN tell the difference between you and William...other than the tail thing. Hmm...well, maybe it's a lighting thing, the way your black furs show up on your face. Such a dashingly handsome kitty you are, Elliott!

  2. We think you have more rounded ears than William.
    We think you two could have fun with your Mom though ;)
    Kinda like twins do ,heeheehee
    Caroline is Caroline.
    We like you Elliott!!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure, JJ
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  3. Oh my goodness, glad to know that your mom is as confused as us. Show us the tails.

    Emma and Buster

  4. Hehe, that's a brilliant idea Elliott! Our human was trying to differentiate by how round your eyes were to Williams. We don't think that works

  5. he he - I'm happy your mom is confizzled because we sure have been. Maybe wear signs around your necks.

  6. You are both sweet boys and have a twin to blame when anything happens.

  7. I think it's cool - you two could totally cause trouble and your human would not know which one to blame!

  8. The Parent Trap?

    Screamoline will come around, Elliott. I'll talk to her.

    Oh, and thank you rMom for the nametags. It's quite a relief.

  9. You two can play some pawesome tricks on your Mom if she can't tell you apart!

  10. The people make me wear a red collar. I don't know why. Kirby and I look like completely different black kitties. Mommy says it's so she can tell at a glance or by feel in the dark. I don't mind the collar. I think it is a handsome accessory to my handsome face.


  11. good idea..... and don't worry, so long as William likes you, that girl isn't so important (so long as you give her personal space - MOL)

  12. Aww can't you throw some cheezey treats at Hissoline to let her know you're a bundle of furry fun?!

  13. That is a good idea as you both look like twins. Does William have tiny ear tufts and you don't?

  14. your ears sit differently but I bet it is hard to tell sometimes depending on the angle :)


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