Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday Report.

No new cats here, although I think someone has been haunting the shelter's website. I think this was a stall, though--keep reading.

No amount of Cheez-Its, KFC or nip can possibly assuage my mom after today's installment of "Adventures in Health Insurance, New Mexico Style." It's all I can do to prevent her from calling Larry Barker on channel 13. So don't mention it, otherwise she'll be off on it again. Even though it looks now like she might even have insurance again by April 1.

Oh, wait a minute. Isn't that April Fool's Day? Oh Cod.

But! The sliding door is open and we are enjoying the sounds and smells of a nice day.

And, I've been meaning to mention this forever. I know some of you have found Eastside Cats, but if you haven't, go visit. It's got indoor cats! It's got outdoor cats! But best of all, it's written by a wonderful cat-loving human! So go!


  1. Oohhhh that sounds like a story. Mom says she hopes your insurance gets all sorted out quickly.

  2. Dang, us cats need to look into insurance too.

  3. My human is very unhappy that she does not qualify for the insurance she wants and has to pay the equivalent of a studio apartment's rent every month to keep her PPO.

  4. Don't even get us started on insurance...Daddy was DENIED pain management cos he's a medical marijuana patient! And cheez-its won't fix his spine, either.

  5. Our hearts go out to your mommy. Mommy has been plagued by insurance woes in the past.
    I'll purr for her!

  6. BIG purrs for your Mom that the insurance thing gets sorted out soon.
    We are glad you enjoyed sights and smells of a nice day.
    We had nice days this past weekend.
    Wednesday... a blizzard comes to visit!
    We may come to your house!!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure, JJ
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  7. every one should have access to medical insurance. is there a petition we can put our pawprints on?

    emm and buster

  8. Is she on to the gov health care thingy? Mum says that is most of the reason she day hunts, to have the insurance.

  9. Too bad you can't clamp a bottle of wine in your jaws and drag it over to her.

  10. Happy Mancat Monday! Tell your mom to hang in there!
    Marty and Mom

  11. Obviously your Human's main problem is her extreme YOUTH. Now if she were lucky enough to be as OLD as my Human is, she would soon be getting that Geezer insurance, youbetcha. The Human didn't ever think she'd be really, really glad to be getting to within striking distance (December of this year) of being old as DIRT. We hope either your Mom can get into a time machine or even better get insurance without one! XOXOXOX to LCG

  12. Man, insurance is what makes people do half of what they do. It's not right that everyone has to be afraid of what happens when they don't have it :/

  13. Oooh, keep us posted on the shelter situation. And we are already fans of Eastside Cats!

  14. our mom is moaning about insurance too....

    we didn't know you were hunting for another cat. Does Caroline know?

  15. That is such a handsome picture of you. Nice of you to stay still so your Mom could capture that one. Maggie likes to charge the camera whenever it comes out so it gets harder and harder to get pictures.

    Our Mom has been trolling cat adoption sites too, but she knows she's not home enough for a kitten.

    And our people feel your Mom's pain with the subject-that-shall-not-be-named. Good luck!

  16. You look so handsome you make my whiskers curl!


Wowee meowee.