Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tuesdays With Guest Russell.

So, you know? It's been kinda hard for me to come up with a Tuesday post since that used to be my bro Russell's day. Then on Sunday, I was watching UP with my mom and I thought, why couldn't that Russell be a guest Russell until we get a new Russell? (OK, well not a new Russell, but you know what I mean.) So my mom made a guest Russell!

Good afternoon. My name is Russell, and I am a Wilderness Explorer in Tribe 54, Sweat Lodge 12. Are you in need of any assistance today, sir?
Why, yes, I am! So I guess this guest Russell can fill in while I relax, because, as he says, The wilderness must be explored!


  1. Well hello Russell,Wilderness Explorer!
    Good of you to be filling in for a while :)
    WE agree...the wilderness must be explored!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  2. Your Mom is very handy! If the head peep tried to make one of those, it would turn out looking like Mr. Bill.

    It's nice to have you filling in for a while, Russell, Wilderness Explorer! We hope for some interesting adventures with you.

  3. We watched that moovie the other day too.

  4. I LOVE that Russell! He makes me laugh. I think he is a good Russell substitute.

  5. We kinda like RWE, though we never saw that movie. You think we can follow along anyway? I have a suggestion: I think he should explore the cupboard where the Cheez-Its are.

  6. we luff that movie, we like that russell too.

    emma and buster

  7. That was a great movie. And we are pleased to meet you, guest Russell.

  8. we look forward to tuesdays in the wilderness!!!!

  9. Oh, William...I had a quick pang in missing your bro when I saw his name on your blog. Russell from "Up" was so very nice to the bird Kevin, and her babies.

  10. As soon as we saw "Guest Russell" in the blog title, we hurried over. This guy is doing a great job as a temp, but we sure do miss your orange boy brother. We hope you can find a new brother soon.


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