Monday, October 14, 2013

I Have A Complaint.

Caroline is up to no good and the world needs to know.

She steals my food -- what very little I get -- and she attacks me and hisses at me. She chases me with menace in her eyes. She tries to bite off my ears.

Some cats may be fooled by her sweet face and blue eyes, but Russell and I know the truth -- SHE WANTS TO BE AN ONLY CAT. So, just in case something untoward happens to me or my bro, remember: YOU READ IT HERE FIRST.


  1. William, we know that Tillie feels for you.
    Julie is very cute ,but she likes Mom best and would love to be the only kitty.
    Hang in there. We are sure your Mom will catch on!
    Just cover your ears when she is close by ;)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie

  2. Hey, it could be worse - you could be living with BINGA!

  3. She's just watching out for your diet William, showing she is willing to consume the extra calories herself in noble self-sacrifice so that you don't grow pudgy. Same with chasing you around to ensure you get in some good aerobic exercise. I might need a little more time to understand about the ear-biting dealio but I am sure there's a purrfectly reasonable explanation. --LCB

  4. Stealing food ... we can't have that!

  5. We know what ya mean. Iza wants ta be an only cat too. ~ Ayla and Marley

  6. Oh my. Caroline, sounds like your brofurs may be in open rebellion now...

  7. Caroline, your secret is out! Watch your back. William. Today she's stealing your food, tomorrow, it's your nip.

  8. Those Lady-Cats can be vicious!
    *Tim ducks and looks for Ms Fitz*

  9. Willian, você não deveria ter falado mal de Caroline, agora ela pode querer se vingar, por aqui acontece a mesma coisa, elas são terríveis!
    Do seu amigo Tom
    Cuide-se amigo

  10. Look out, Caroline, your brothers are in revolt mode!

  11. Poor William! It must be terrible to be in fear of the safety of your ears!


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