Thursday, April 04, 2013

Here, Birdie Birdie.

My mom has put me on a diet and I'm starving. Starving for company, I mean.

I have all kinds of fancy little houses for you on the balcony. Just be careful of Queen Paper Wasp, who's been checking out the real estate herself. We're all hoping she will realize there are more private places to raise her family.

Anyway, come on in and we'll get to know one another!

P.S. My Feline o' Mine video is working now, in case you tried to see it yesterday and couldn't. You know you want to!


  1. It's rainy here and the birds are few.
    My Purr Gang is napping.
    Dreaming of visitors.

  2. I think paper wasps are fun to chase! My human says I feel that way because I never, in fact, have caught one.

    I saw your video today! That does look like a fun toy! And BTW, my human loves your font! She is some font-obsessed freak of nature these days.

  3. Yeah and our chickadee was checking out a house.

  4. William, we hope the birdies come to your patio !!
    As you can see it took us ALL week to get Mom to help us come here! We love your new look :)
    Have a fun weekend,hopefully with birds ;)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  5. Now this might seem unkind, William, but I have never watched a kitty play for so long without moving his big ole butt even ONCE! Ha ha ha. Love you, Buddy!

  6. starving for company...we're a bit overcrowded here! Wanna swap places? We're looking for homes in Sydney and until then we'll continue with our crazy tomfoolery and driving our temporary hominids NUTS! Check out our story and our crazy antics ...

    a number of cats xxx

  7. Hope you get plenty of visitors (and maybe a few crunchies??)

  8. Love your blog background!

    We can't believe you have bird houses on your balcony...You are *so* lucky! Yes, here's hoping for some snacks. :-)

  9. Hey, inviting the birdies over. That's a great idea! Our demanding never works. We think you're on to something, William!

  10. Heh heh. I've become something of a lard butt myself since the Outrage of August, plus the Human says I've always been a Lazy Player.

  11. Mebbe a birdie will come to the house iffen it is off the floor out there.

  12. Hello william. I love birdies. I get to watch them on the tube a lot.


Wowee meowee.