Thursday, April 11, 2013

End o' The Week.

So you know I've been on this starvation regimen sort of diet. My mom decided a few weeks ago to switch us from Science Diet Original to Science Diet Active Longevity. We like it a lot but we're also on a schedule now instead of free feeding a whole bunch all the time. (Or free vacuuming, as in the case of Russell.)

We're actually all pretty satisfied with this arrangement, and especially Mom and me. First of all, I think I have dropped a few ounces so far and have more energy to play and stuff. This makes Mom happy because she doesn't want me to develop any weight-related problems. Second, some digestive issues I was having seemed to have gone away. This makes me happy for reasons I won't bother to describe, but you get it. So all in all, everybody's happy!

The weather's started to moderate again, so we're looking forward to an open window or two over the weekend (and I hope the end of my mom's whining about how cold her feet are). I suppose it will be soon enough when we're all complaining about how hot it is.

Well, have a fun weekend, everybody!


  1. way to go kitties. enjoy your new diet.

  2. My gang is sort of on a mini diet.
    The food 24 hours a day is over.
    I feed them and if there is some left, I don't fill the dishes in the evenings.
    I know, I'm making them wait til morning.
    Big Al has become bigger this year and as my senior kitty, it's a pound or two I'd like him to lose.

    He's all black like you but think bigger.


  3. Well it seems that you and I have a few things in common!
    My human mom has also put me on a feeding schedule because she calls me a "full figured gal" really it's the VET that insists..anyhow I'm not losing any excess because I steal my sister's ration that is put out overnight.. she has pancreas issues...poor thing..they try to hide her food from me but I found it!!
    I was busted last night so now it's placed high up on a counter....a full figured gal can't jump up that high!!! Meow...Grrrrr!
    Oh and my human mom complains of CoLd feet too!
    Purrr-Zzz..nice to meet you. Came in from JC's.

  4. YAY for you feeling better on the new food William :)
    We got new food too,dental formula. It is bigger so we HAVE to chew it :/ It's either that or food for geezer cats.
    Us? Geezer cats? sheesh!!!!!
    Have a fun weekend :)

  5. Yeah, we've been having food issues here. Louie is a porker/vacuum/hoover, he's at least twice as heavy as Skootch. He's wonderful armful of kitten, but the VET wants him slimmer. Skootch has ongoing problems - first he needed laxatives, now he has gone in the other direction (the kittens torture him and get him all upset), and he's on flagel (sp?) pills. Poor thing. We were trying various Science Diet formulas, but he prefers "pouch food", and he's so skinny we want him to eat SOMETHING! Argh!

  6. Geezer food. That made mommy Laff. But she has me of the sensitive tummy. I use SD for sensitive stomachs. Now I hork every forth day instead of every day. I weight 11 pounds.

  7. Diet? We has no weight problems at our house - except for the humans! Mommy has gotten really fluffy!

  8. I hope the diet issue will be ok.
    Lego is on his diet, and it works, so, hope everything is work on you.

  9. Nobody here diets, and that is probably because Binga and Boodie are strictly portion controlled. They get a certain amount of food for breakfast and dinner, and that is THAT. Unless Binga manages to steal some of my food, but she usually gets locked away while I am eating.

  10. Anytime a guy gets ride of digestive issues, it's a good thing. Unless it involved farting on command. No one wants to lose that skill...

  11. William, William, William! You KNOW there's always a good reason to complain about SOMETHING!

  12. Our human has just started to keep track of how much canned food we're getting every day, because we're both looking a little...pudgy. One of us in particular (Derry)!

    We're glad your food changes are working well for all concerned!

  13. William, you have NOTHING on the Whale, erm, Miss Salem.

  14. Glad you like your new foods. Mum only puts out so much at a time. If Derby hoovers it all up, then no more until the next feeding time.

    Thankfully I eat enough to keep me going, but don't pig out like Derby.


  15. Grrreat work, you must feel so much better for it- keep it up! One or two of us are struggling with our weight too- and some are slender. One of us (Biddle) is particularly porky! We heard the hominids talking about it earlier today, they are thinking of separating her so she can diet and not consume everyone's leftovers! Assangi is a little porky too- although he barely eats...must be genetic, unless he gobbles up leftovers when we're not looking!

  16. We got a storm this week and 8 inches of snow. It was practically gone before this even though the weather continues to be in the low 30's. Geez, it's the middle of April and it still looks like Christmas out there.


  17. Hi Buddy! Hope some warmth has come your way so you get a window whiffie or six this weekend. Purrs to everyone, especially you-know-who.

  18. Enjoy your new chow. No diet here for now. Momma said i need to gain a little bit of weight.

  19. We're happy to hear the change of food is helping! Way to go! Purrs....


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