Monday, December 17, 2012

The Return Of The Tree.

We got our dark and cloudy and cold weather, perfect for snuggling and comforting. My mom went to a candlelight vigil on Saturday evening, and not very long after that, it began to snow.

I finally convinced Mom to put up the Catmas tree for the first time in six years, so I've been helping her do that in stages. She was thinking first the tree, then the lights, then the ornaments, all over a few days--no one wants my silly brother thinking that this is a giant entertainment center for him. (We've skipped the tree ever since he moved in with us.) I think it's too late already, though--the first casualty was the tree skirt, and we'd only just about got the lights on it!

That boy! I'm going to have to keep a very close eye on him. Just because this is new to him, I hope he doesn't wreck it for all of us and we wind up having to wait another six years!


  1. we just have a little tree, no ornaments to whap, just some lights.

  2. Oh, William, I hope Russell calms down! Of course at our house the tree is in the LR which has French Doors and we are only allowed in there with great supervision.

    Did Russell bunny kick the tree skirt like Audrey does with our catnip quilt from Ms Stella's human? That would have been funny to watch.

  3. Buster helped mama set up the catmas tree while Emma snoopervised. Buster made sure all the ornaments were good to be hanged, he tried to sniff each one. Tough job but someone's gotta do it :)

    Happy Holidays,
    Emma and Buster

  4. We had snow flurries Saturday and it was windy and COLD, according to Mom.
    Sunday was warmer and the porch was warm !!
    Tillie and Julie would like to send you the squirty bottle, mainly because it gets too much use here :/
    Russell won't like it any more than they do! hahaha
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  5. Too bad Russel is a wild boy. There's nothing better than the Christmas tree to sleep under. Scooby especially loved it.

  6. You've got snow? Lucky you! Even though I'm a Canadian kitty... we often don't have a white Christmas. You'd think a Canadian kitty would know nothing but white Christmasas but no... not here in Nova Scotia. purrs

  7. That Russell. What a party cat. Something tells me he is going to have a good old time with that tree.

  8. Oh, we SO envy you havin a tree! So far, one hasn't shown up here. We keep hoping...

  9. We bought a really sturdy tree stand a few years ago. Not one tree has been knocked over. Before that, we had them falling this way and that way.

    Hope yours stays up,

    Meowy Holidays,

    JC and The Purr and Fur Gang

  10. When those big galumphing oafs Mr. Teeth and Clarkie lived here, the Human rigged up some kind of "guy wire (guide wire??)" system and basically made it so they could whap ornaments off and stuff but they could not actually knock the whole tree over. You might wonder why she felt it necessary to do that.

    And if you take a moment to pnder the answer, you'd be right.

  11. mommy has gotten smart in her dotage. She puts the tree up a day before she and Daddy puts the cat toys on it and they wires it to the ceiling too!

  12. We feel your pain! No tree here, either. Princeton ruins all our fun!

  13. Since my human did not get the tree up this weekend, I am having my doubts that she will do it at all. :-(

  14. A CAtmas tree sounds exciting. We are eager to hear if we are to have a Fishmas tree.
    Dawn (Shubunkin) for The Pond Fish

  15. Haha! Can you tie the tree to something? I have ours tied to a ceiling plant hook. Sure, it looks a bit unattractive at the top, but no one really notices with all the lights and decorations. And at least it stays put.

    The tree skirt was another matter, though. LOL.

  16. You could have your mum install a 'hot wire' that gives 'em a tiny zap if they touches it! MOLMOLMOL

    Just sayin'!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan


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