Thursday, June 28, 2012

Asleep On The Job.

Yes, it's true. It's how I spent most of my week, actually.

Well, that and trying to get a moth on the outside of the sliding glass door the other day. And recovering from the near disaster with my tail, of course.

I know lots of kids are hot hot hot like us. I hope you have a cooler weekend. And let's purr for a lot of rain in Colorado to help with those terrible terrible fires!


  1. Oh William, I SO unnerstand about the moth. I do that ALL the time an I never learn. Its embarrassin... ~ Ayla

    We are ALL purrin fer BIG rains in Colorado!

  2. Yeah, lots of places need a good long week or two of rain. Too dry and too hot. Stay cool gang.

  3. We had a small one in the house the other day! Plum tuckered us out.

  4. When it's this hot you must lie very still. And purr for Colorado rain, of course!

  5. What, didn't your human help the moth inside for you to catch? Mine does that for me with especially fat, juicy moths.

    I have been purring lots for rain in CO.

  6. It's these dang 'hoppers that are doin us in! Well, that and the hots. We'll follow your lead. Purrin fur Colorado rain.

  7. Sweet William, You looks adorable. The Human just goes all melty over sleeping kitties.

    Uh, I'm a little concerned about the tail though. It isn't gone, is it?

  8. It seems like a good job to me as well!!

  9. Tillie would also want that moth ;) heehee
    We do not have hot weather, so if you want to be comfy and cooler, come on over!!Otherwise,take it easy and have a super weekend !!!!

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  10. William, come over into our enclosed garden -- LOTS of good moth hunting at 4AM! Yum! Plus, while it's hot for us, it's still cooler than where you live, we're sure!

  11. Perfect pose there, my friend! Especially for the heat lately. It's supposed to be 102 or so today!!

  12. Hi William, Yeah the Human's been pretty useless these last two days. What with all the water-drinking and wailing, it's been a real circus around here. I've been trying to nap a lot.

    The Human says Fank U for the good wishes. She really hopes the STONE gets OUT soon!!!

  13. William! It's Toozday already! I BETTER be seeing Caroline tomorrow because my week is already pretty bad what with the Human all outta commission. C'mon Man, help a kitteh out!!

  14. I see Spitty and his human have been needling you guys too about slowness in posting. It's really no fair in the heat. We cannot claim to have had such intense heat as you, just a lazy Mom who is more interested in her baby grand daughter than posting for us. IMAGINE!

  15. To William, Olivia, Caroline, PQ and Russell:

    Happened across ya'll's blog quite by accident (or maybe fate )and I have to confess that although it took me several hours, I read each and every post and looked at each and every photo - some made me smile, some made me laugh out loud, some made me cry but all were wonderfully entertaining, clever, and so much fun! I promise I will be a faithful follower from now on and will be sharing your stories with other like minded thinkers.

    My name is Jesse and my mom shares my photos on her FB page pretty regularly ( she uses her real name which is Barbara Beaird )and I think it's pretty selfish of her that she won't give me my own page but she says that would mean giving each of us are own page ( we are eight in all ) and that she has to draw the line somewhere.

    I hope you won't hold it against us that three of us are dogs - the other five are all cats and they were all here before any of us. Mom puts pictures of them up too.

    So glad we found ya'll and Happy 4th of July!


    PS: Mom takes pictures too and when she really likes something she puts it on her website:


Wowee meowee.