Monday, March 19, 2012

Wild And Windy Weekend.

Hi, everybody! PQ here.

What a weekend! The weather changed again and the winds started up, so much so that things on our balcony were moving by themselves! If the whole ordeal hadn't been so scary and noisy it might have been fun to watch, but I hung out on my chair at the dining room table where I'm always safe. No one can see me there because of the tablecloth, so actually it's an all-purpose safe place!

But I'm out and about today, lounging on the couch on my comfy blanket. It's much quieter outside and the winds didn't ruin all the flowers on the flowering trees or blow away all the birds coming back, so everything's good!


  1. That wind sounds scary! The last time we had bad winds, it scared everyone here and the electricity went out for 12 hours! No one was happy.

  2. We don't like really high winds, just nice soft and warm breezes.

  3. Why, hello beautiful! I am thrilled to see you today instead of Mr. Blog-Hog (sorry, William--you know I love you, Man!)

    You are looking especially lovely reclinging like that. *I* also feel very safe and secure on my dining room chair, though my Human is too declasse to have a tablecloth.

    We had to look up la couette but now we get it. The Human speaks decent Spanish but no French--she had to use google translate for even her one silly sentence today!

  4. What a lovely pose: Calico in repose! We're glad the weather is settling down too!

  5. Sounds like under the table is a purrfect hidey-hole! We all need a special place like that. We is haffin wind, boomies, and lots of rain, here. xoxo

  6. It's good you have a safe place PQ :) Wind can be scary!! It's good that things are better today too :)
    It is even warm and sunny here!!!
    Mom said we even broke records and will do it again today :o We are not used to warm in March!! heehee

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  7. Safe places are VERY impawtant. We're glad you found a good one.

  8. We don't like the very strong winds either. If we go outdoors, we slink around with our ears flat and our bellies nearly touching the ground.

  9. Sometimes wild and windy is good for hiding and being safe and snuggly. FAZ


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