Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesdays With Russell.

Yep, another untidy shot! Ha ha ha!

There's much excitement around here. First, Mom said there was a spider as big as me in the bathroom this morning! Somehow, though, when she caught him in a glass and tossed him to freedom off the balcony, I missed this.

(Wait a minute. I don't think we have glasses that big. Moms!)

Second, my favorite Aunt L is coming for a visit beginning on Thursday! That is only two days away! I haven't seen her in so long that I can barely nap just thinking about it!


  1. Russell, honey, you are just not a neat relaxer/sleeper are you? That's okay cause you look pretty adorables there! (Spitty says: That 'honey' and 'adorables' stuff is coming from the Human, Russell. Just so we're clear.

    Not that there's anything WRONG with that.)

  2. Oh boy...Aunty visits!!! Looking forward to being spoiled??? heehee
    We are proud of our Mom. She is able to get a spider in a glass and throw him outside too ;) Mind, those are NOT huge spiders! hahahaha
    Get some rest Russell!!!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  3. Your body looks relaxed but your face doesn't. Did somebody surprise you with the camera, Russell?

  4. What, your human caught a spider, GREATLY exaggerated its size, and then tossed it out of the house without letting anykitty play with it? That is just so wrong.

  5. Hi Russell, William and Caroline!
    Happy 2012!!! Thanks for dropping by - we promise we'll be better this year with the bloggie!!! Mummy's trying to find all the software to make the process more simple and make more frequent visits... she's pretty hopeless sometimes (wait, ALL the time)

    We love spiders! We ALL EIGHT OF US hold each LEG and pull!!! *just joking*

    Keiko and entourage

  6. We haven't seen any spiders yet! Are they fun to play with?

  7. Thatta boy, Russell. We all aspire to relax as well as you do. Hope you get lots of spoiling from the Auntie. xoxo

  8. Mom usually grabs a sheet of paper, scoops the spider up, then screams while she runs to the door, and tosses it out. Sometimes she misses . . .

    Srsly Russell, RELAX.

  9. You may be untidy, but at least you are modest. You do look very relaxed. It's just not fair to throw the spider outside before the kitties can play with it.


  10. looks like someone woke you up from your nap....MOL (and mom says ewwww about the spider)

  11. Man--our Mom would have gone out the window if the spider was that big!

  12. If our mum saw a spider that big she would be yelling for us to come and get it. Hmm, now we think about it, she does that even if the spider is teeny.

  13. Great picture Russell!
    That spider would have made a tasty morsel, darn it!

  14. You are lucky my 'rent isn't there 'cause you'd have her face planted in that belleh!

  15. you'll definitely enjoy this cat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-MiqR98q2I


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