Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Woes "R" Us.

Well, I'll tell ya. The girls have been streaking around the house for the last few days like their tails are on fire, and boy, that's pretty disruptive. Mom's been off her routine of things, too, and that's pretty disruptive, too. (Her launch has been rescheduled due to unforeseen red tape delays and a host gone very, very bad. While we wait to get all that straightened out, it's meant us suffering with her through Kojak* and The Rifleman** reruns on MeTV in the afternoons. We feared this would happen, although I suppose it's better than HSN, because that would only lead to serious trouble. We'd have a living room full of weird spice storage units, cheap jewelry, fake vacuums and George Foreman grills in all manner of color and size. ::shudder::)

At least the stupid time change didn't disrupt our dinner–I think the clock shows it's an hour earlier but it comes at the same time of day for us. And at least that giant asteroid didn't land on us and squash us like bugs.

*Seriously, Mom? You really used to watch this in the 70s? Under your own volition? Sorry, but it doesn't translate well.
**What? You used to watch that, too?
FROM THE 60s??? And what is with the 'dad jeans' on that guy, anyway?


  1. Oh, dear, Russell, I hope your Mom can get back to some "meaningful" work soon. Sounds pretty bad there.

  2. Wait a minute - the time change did not mess with your dinner? How did you guys luck out? We are getting ours seriously late now!

  3. Uh oh, Russell. This is the verreh first thing that the Human has heard about your Mom that she objects to.....Kojak??? Seriously?? C'mon: Rockford Files! Columbo! McMillan and Wife!

    The Rifleman??? Paladin! Bonanza! FURY!

    What teevee does Caroline like?

  4. The dad watched Kojak and The Rifleman also.

    Hope your mom's red tape delay and host problems doesn't last too long.

  5. I hope she gets some real work too. I hate it when the Woman does things around the house that are weird and embarrassing.

  6. Oh, Russell, sorry things are all discombobulated (I really don't know how to spell things like that) around your house. HSN, shudder! hOW DID YOUR FOOD NOT GET DELAYED?

    Taffy and that woman

  7. WE purr that things work out for your Mom soon before she goes to HSC for a "quick look"!!
    WE hope you are getting plenty of scritches in between meals, heehee
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

    Interesting...word verification is "musecat"

  8. How come your food was not delayed?!! We had to wait and wait!! Our Mom moved her work home and it's better for us. WE can bother her whenever we want. She's a bit short on work too, but she's working more on OUR blog, which is good!
    We're sorry about the bad t.v. shows.
    Skootch and Lucy

  9. Sorry to hear you are woeful, sweet Russell Bustle. I hope things improve soon.

  10. Mom says she remembers Kojak and the Rifleman too. Along with Wagon Train, Flying Nun. What is a flying nun for crying out loud??? I don't want to go any farther than that.

    What a beautiful Rainbow picture. Mom loves rainbows She was wishing she could have gotten the whole rainbow in the picture the last time we had one, but alas, no wide angle lens.

    Casper and Cleo


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