Monday, September 12, 2011

We're Back.

So we had a pretty quiet week. Aside from visiting with our aunt for a few days, we just hung around and stuff.

My mom, on the other paw, replaced the kitchen floor, the kitchen lighting, the faucet, and painted one wall. You know, the usual stuff she does when she has time off. Thankfully, I think this is the last of it.

The Flamingos decided to not make an appearance this past week. I don't blame them. We had some nice weather with cool nights so no doubt they were enjoying that instead.

Oh, and guess what? We got Mom three crickets for her birthday! This was a lot of fun, even though she didn't get it. The first one, a young cricket, she captured in a glass and put him outside. The second one, a baby, she did the same thing with. The third, an adult, we decided to play with ourselves. His leg fell off and then he wouldn't play any more. Oh well. We had fun anyway and I'm sure she appreciated it.

And yesterday, we remembered.


  1. William, we're so glad to have you guys back! We missed all of you bunches!

    (We remembered yesterday, too.)

  2. Well, thank Cod you're back! I think your Mom should have used all that floor-replacing, wall-painting, faucet-fixing energy helping you blog instead. I mean, how loooooong has it been since I've had even a little glimpse of Caaaaarrrrrrooollllllliiiiiiinnnnne??Huh? Huh? How long??

  3. I missed you guys! It sounds like your human was totally busy with all that stuff humans seem to like to do. That was nice that you gave your human crickets for her birthday, even though it does not sound like she appreciated them all that much.

  4. It's all fun and games til sumone loses a leg! Crickets were an excellent birthday gift. Purrs.

  5. That's very nice present for mom...MOL
    I never give those crickets to my mom, but my tummy.
    Tell her, she must try " Crunchy Yummy Bugs " Not every human get this chance!

  6. THREE CRICKETS? That was quite a gift. Mom must have been pleased...

  7. Crickets make pawsome presents! We know your Mom really luffed them.

  8. Oh man, you had THREE crickets?! (sigh) We've never even had one.

  9. Dad is often tempted to bring a cricket in from the yard to see what we would do, but then decides not to. I guess he doesn't think it would be very sporting. It sure sounds like your Mom had a productive week.

  10. It just goes to show you that Moms are sometimes a little weird. About overworking AND cricket-appreciation!

  11. Sounded like you had a good time playing with that cricket. When a leg, or two, falls off, they're no fun afterward.

  12. Sounds like your Mom has been pretty busy for a quiet weekend. That was so nice of you to give your Mom a birthday present. Sounds like she enjoyed them. Sure hope you enjoyed your visiting Aunt when she was there.


  13. Welcome back William :) Your Mom sounded like she was really busy!! We hope you got lots of scritches,treats and Mom time ;)
    Your Mom sounds like she is pretty handy around the house!!
    You look like you're pretty good at hanging around,heehee
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia


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