Monday, August 08, 2011

World Cat Day.

I didn't know this was World Cat Day. This is what I did today:

And Sunday:

And Saturday:

Obviously I'm too heat-fatigued to celebrate! Happy WCD to all!


  1. Oh, William, I hope your heat abates soon.

    We have been spotty commenting today so we are going to try to zip around this evening and tell our friends we hope they had a great World Cat Day and may it be a fab World Cat Year!

  2. William, I hope the weather cold down for you. Any day can be World Cat Day any way..Take it easy
    Happy World Cat Day

  3. We understand! Happy WCD and stay cool! xoxo

    Pee Ess - our mom was totally unprepared too!

  4. The truth is, William, that EVERY day is World Cat Day!

  5. Happy World Cat Day to you, I hope it cools off for you soon!

  6. Oh you poor boy! That picture makes the Human sad :-( Can you go hang out by the Big Cold Blowy Box???

  7. William, we sometimes have weekends like that. However,we are back into the constant rain :/ It is cooler if you want to come over here :)
    Happy World Cat Day :)
    Purrs that you get some cooler temps too!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  8. Belated happy World Cat Day! Every day is Cat Day, anyway! :-)

  9. If I had an awesome tower like that I think that's all I would do all day too.

  10. But...but...but isn't that HOW you celebrate?

  11. Not unless you're always stuck in that position while on the cat tower.

  12. Ahh, to be a cat! Is it not a huge joy to lounge in some of the most unique positions? Sometimes mom and dad laugh at me for contorting my body around. They're just jealous! Happy lounging!!


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