Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Meezer Message Wednesday.

It's me, Caroline!

My cinematographer has improved a bit! But she complains that the moment recording starts, I either don't talk or I use my dainty voice. Well, of course I do! I'm in the kitchen, not on the stage! Moms.

Keep watch for my secret wink at about 13 seconds!


  1. Caroline , we love your voice :) We even love how Russell let you be the star of this video!!
    Are you waiting for noms??? heehee
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  2. Dare I hope that secret wink was meant for.....oh no, I shouldn't ask.

    Caroline, I am SHOCKED that you walked so casually up to that creamsicle menace! What were you thinking???

    G'night, Beautiful.

  3. Beyootiful Caroline, we saw that wink! Your mom seems to be pretty good at filming you. My mom hasn't gotten around to learning video, much less music. ::sigh:: Happy Thursday.

  4. My wonderful Minnie used to give me the "winky eye"....a special gift.


Wowee meowee.