Monday, July 25, 2011

Yep. Monday Again.

I'm keeping an eye out for my roadrunner friends. I haven't seen them in a week, so maybe they're on vacation or something. Or maybe it's just been too hot. I wonder if they nap to pass the time, like us?

So finally we got all the rest of the pictures and stuff up on the walls. I snoopervised all of it. That stairwell was tricky, I tell you! But I think my mom did a pretty good job with my help.

We also had afternoon/evening rains both Saturday and Sunday, with lots and lots of thunder and lightning yesterday. That was pretty nerve wracking! We even lost power for a second. The clouds came back this afternoon but I think this will be one of our miss days and some other place in the city will get some. Rain is nice, but the clouds are OK too–they cool things down!


  1. Hooray for your weather is cooling down for you ! but where were you when the lightning ? Me , If happens to me, safe place is always be under da bed : )
    Have a nice day

  2. Anything that makes it cooler is ok by us!

  3. William, you're looking pretty chillaxed there, buddy! Hope you're staying cool!

  4. My human loves New Mexico thunderstorms - she is crazy! They sound scary to me.

  5. Thunderstorms scare me, but I'm glad things are cooling off for you!

  6. UTB is a good place fur storms! We would luf to haf sum rain, but we're happy you haf cooler weather! Purrs.

  7. Looking quite dapper there, William. Glad you got some changes to your weather.

  8. Does your Mom brush every fur into place immediately before snapping your pictures? Because you never seem to have a fur out of place. It's unnatural, William!

    My favorite part of tonight's photo is that tiny little bit of tail just sneaking down into the shot. Excellent!

  9. William, we are glad you got some rain...we had some too! The 'Rents reorganized a bedroom this weekend and we made sure everything was purrfect before they were done.

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  11. I wonder what our beans would do without all our snoopervising? I don't think they'd get anything done.

  12. Now maybe you all can relax and enjoy the new place since the chores are done!

  13. You must be an excellent snoopervisor. Working around stairs is always tricky.

    Here's to more rain to stay cool.

  14. We had a change in our weather William. It is much cooler :) Comfy too :)
    If you need some relief, come to see us :)
    We hope you get some cool breezes soon.
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia


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