Monday, July 11, 2011


Well, after a couple of fits and starts, the portable AC has found a place. Boy, is that fun and coolness. Then, my mom finally installed a thermostat for the swamp cooler so it won't be either on or off all the time. We find the cooler OK for nights. We also helped Mom paint the stairwell (finally), although Russell was the most helpful by making sure nothing was hiding under the tarp up and down the stairs.

As if all that excitement wasn't enough, two more really thrilling things happened. First, a lizard came to visit me all the way up on the balcony! I talked to her through the glass. Then...we got some RAIN! It looks like our monsoons have finally started.

Gosh, no wonder I have to rest!


  1. Yup!! Lots going on at your place!! No wonder you need a nap!
    Your Mom might need a nap ,what with Russell under the tarp ;) heehee Glad you are cool when you need to be ;)
    We finally found Summer :) Now that it's warm, our naps are better :) hahaha
    Enjoy your chillin'!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  2. Oh dear...we are such wimpy girlcats that the thought of no central AC just about terrifies us! Our mom said she had a swamp cooler where she grew up. It's too humid here for people to use them, though. We hope you all stay cool during this miserable summer and enjoy your rains!

  3. Ugh Swamp coolers bite. I definitely prefer a/c...

    But man, you just get the portable a/c set up and it rains? LOL timing...

  4. Oh William, I am relieved to see you looking so well. I hope you are chillaxin' right in the path of that cold-air blowy thing!

    The Human says that when she was growing up in the central valley of CA (right before the printing press was invented) they had NO a/c till she was about 14. It makes her shudder to remember it!

  5. Wow, there has been all sorts of excitement going on at your place, William! Plus the lizard - that was the best of all!!

  6. What a busy time you guys are having. But at least you can cool off now!

  7. Sound like you have a great day, Mr. William : )
    Love the lizard following with Monsoons !

  8. Wow, you've been having adventures, William! Both of us helped the mom paint back in May; she was very appreciative of our assistance, to be sure.

    And we're so jealous of all you kitties who get lizard visitors! We've never seen one, too cold most of the year where we are (though we're sweltering right now).

  9. Wow, y'all are very busy! Take lots of naps, that's very impawtant.

  10. A most productive weekend, one worthy of sardines and KFC. Did you have any?

  11. No swamp coolers here as it's already too humid. We've got the a/c running all the time 'cause we can't stand the heat. Most of us prefer the colder weather.

  12. We're so glad to hear you have AC now!

  13. You truly deserved your rest. Enjoy your nap.

    Emma and Buster

  14. Wow! Busy!
    Glad the cooler is helping. It's no fun to be hot and droopy all the time.
    Sounds like fun doing that tarp investigating!!! Glad Russell came through.
    A leezard! How cool!

  15. Cool news!
    heh heh.

    So Georgette visited, eh?


Wowee meowee.