Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday Wrap-Up.

I'm already in weekend mode. I think, though, that my mom needs a clone!

Have a toy- and treat-filled weekend, everyone!


  1. You have a good weekend too William. I think all mum's need to be cloned. One can stay home and snuggle with us. The other goes to earn green papers. Right?

  2. Looks like you've settled in nicely. We're glad to see that!

  3. William !!!!!!
    Mmmmmm Mmmmmmmm!! That is a very nice picture ;)
    We plan on having a weekend like that :)
    Purrs for your Mom. We hope things settle down for her soon!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  4. Hey, we're kitties! Can you say, "permanent weekend"?

  5. Ooh, more Beins in the house would be great in some ways. Some wouldnt know ya already been fed. And there would be more laps.

    As long as they was all as good as the one Bein...

  6. Did your Mom buy that red couch just for you, to show off your beautiful furz to their best advantage? Cause, you know, that picture should be in Playgirl (if they still publish that, maybe not). Well, in SOME magazine of sexy mancats anyway!

  7. Have a great weekend, William! Get your mom to nap and relax a bit.

  8. If ours was cloned she could nap all day with us! Great idea William!

  9. We don't know about a clone. They would make the house a little bit crowded.

  10. We're glad you're setting in. Hiding in a cupboard isn't much fun.

    You look fantastic on that RED (my favourite colour) sofa!


  11. You sure do look nice on that couch, the color suits you really well. You look pretty comfy also. Hope you are having a great weekend even though it's half over.


  12. Hi William

    Momma told me all about you. She said you guys knew each other before the CB was born. You are so truly handsome.

    Little Miracle


Wowee meowee.