Tuesday, April 12, 2011


So it's

Now, for you cats who don't know who Yuri Gagarin was, he was the first human in space. This was way way way before our time (shhh, but not my mom's) and I guess every year there's a party about it, or at least there has been for the last 10 years. This year marks the 50th anniversary of that space flight.

He was a pretty big hero after this feat. I am also pretty sure that he also discovered cats on other planets, so that's certainly something to celebrate.

Are the stars out yet?

Is it too early?

We're saying what he did*, "Let's go!"

Or at least let's have some nip while we wait.


  1. Hey William...did you hear that smack?? That was Mom hitting her forehead!! hahahahahahahaha!!!!
    They have been talking about this all day on the radio ;)
    Nip sounds really good when you have to wait a while ,heehee
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  2. it was just a little bit 'afore our the mom's time - but not much. it's also the 150th annifursary of the start of the civil war. which still rages in our house. MOL

  3. Oh heck, my Human a-members that reel good! She's really, really, really old (shhhh--she doesn't like me to talk about that). I hope you guys have a really great party over there!

  4. Yeah, we don't remember it, but mum says she does.

  5. MOL..Nip must help you to see it quicker : )

  6. Well, of course there are kitties in outer space... you do not think we came from earth, do you?

  7. You know, if you eat enough nip you can blast off, too! Or at least feel like you did...

  8. Heck, we don't know nothin' about ny space people, but we think that MUST be a fabulous window to have 3 of you sitting there together, sweet as pie, without any fur flying!

  9. We do hope you had catnip or some treats to celebrate the occasion. We still think the guy looks like Jonny Quest, or the other way around.

  10. Mom know about him, but only because it is dad's favorite trivia question!


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