Monday, January 31, 2011

Snow, Snow, Snow.

It's snowing like crazy here. We got all confused because it got dark early with the storm, and then my mom was late because of it. So tonight it will be perfect to warm up the kitchen with some baking and then warm up the laundry area with sheets drying. Then, once I help with all that, Mom and I will snuggle!

We probably won't get a whole lot but we always pretend we NEVER get snow and it makes people all cuckoo. Everybody else in the path of this major storm stay safe!


  1. People here get crazy with the snow, too! We're under a blizzard watch, which cracks our mom up. We think an Oklahoma blizzard is probably much different than say a Minnesota blizzard!

  2. It sounds like you have a nice snow evening planned. I am a little worried about all the kitties who are in the thick of this storm's path.

  3. Oh William, it's been snowingoff and on here ALL DAY! They are talking a blizzard or something within the next couple days. High winds coming tomorrow so this little state of Iowa may just slow down or stop for a bit.
    We'll take snow days with our mom!

    Enjoy your snow! We'll send you some if you want. NOAA is saying 10+ inches for us.


  4. Gosh, that sounds like a purrfect evening, no matter what the weather! We are supposed to get windier than Mommy's pie-hole!


    Nothing, Mommy!

  5. Could you send a little snow over here? I've never seen any and I would like to. Just an inch or so?

  6. Stay safe William and family, our grandmother lives just south of Chicago, so we are purring for her and for everyone in the path of Snowzilla!

  7. We are with Spitty. Send some snow this way. It looks so pretty and white. All we ever get is hurricanes. Meh.

  8. We hear we are barely on the edge where it will be just rain.


    The driveway isn't shoveled from the LAST snow yet...

  9. William, I love your positive thinking..what's a happy cat : )


Wowee meowee.